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Free Shipping On Orders $50+

Compton Mini Stud 7MM 8" Inch Straight Tube Bong

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Color: White

Compton Mini Stud 7MM 8" Inch Straight Tube Bong 

mini straight tube bong

The Compton Mini Stud's compact size along with its extra thick 7mm borosilicate walls makes this bong conveniently portable and durable. It's easy to underestimate this little bong for its small size, but stick around to find out why it's not so minuscule!


50mm bong

Our Mini Stud bong is equipped with a broad 50mm wide tube diameter. The 50mm tube offers extra space in the chamber to hold more smoke. It also provides more surface, allowing for more water to be added for better filtration and a much easier hit.


7mm thick bong

Crafted from the finest, 7mm thick, borosilicate glass. This bong ensures durability because of its thick glass walls. An essential reason we use borosilicate glass for producing our bongs, is that it is much more resistant to high temperatures and thermal shock. This means that our Compton Glass bongs won't break under high heat or if you rinse it with hot water.


Designed by our team of innovative minds here at Compton Glass. We use the best techniques and cutting edge practices to give our customers the best final pipe possible. Some features we included in our Mini Stud straight tube pipe are:

  • Donut-hole styled ice catcher
  • 4" inch wide sturdy pedestal base
  • Diffused down-stem
  • Ample 50mm tube
  • Flared Lip Design
  • Thick 7mm boro glass


Our glass bongs are manufactured
in the United States of America. This guarantees great quality control all due to our glass workshops being held to the highest standards. Each of our glass bongs are stamped with a "Made in the USA" seal upon production.


  • Height: 8" Inches
  • Base Width: 4" Inches Wide
  • Tube Diameter: 50mm
  • Glass: 7mm Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Joint: 18mm
  • Stem: Removable 18mm/14mm 6-Slit Diffused Downstem
  • Bowl: 14mm Ground Glass Slide
  • Ice Catcher: Donut-Hole

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