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Compton Mega Grinder

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$1,100.00 - $1,200.00
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Color: Red
Carrying Case: No

Compton Mega Grinder

Ready to expedite pre-roll production time while preserving a perfect fluffy consistency? Introducing our Compton Mega Grinder! It's a must-have for growers, dispensaries, and connoisseurs alike! 

The Compton Mega Grinder includes a simple design combined with industrial-standard results. This Mega Grinder is the culmination of a dissatisfaction with slow grind time and poor quality pre-rolls. Finally, you have a grinder that can easily crush up to 20 grams at a time while storing up to 72 grams of finely shredded herb.

compton mega grinder


Grind up to 20 grams at a time with its enormous cutting chamber measuring a wide 5"-inches in diameter. It also has razor-sharp diamond cutting blades that measure about 1" inch deep. The Mega's deep dagger blades are designed to produce a fluffy consistency for a slow burn rate. Collect up to 72 grams of shredded fluffy herbs in its deep bowl chamber. Our Mega grinder tremendously improves grinding efficiency, and is capable of effortlessly munching down pounds of herb in minutes!

industrial mega grinder MAGNETICALLY HELD — NO THREADS

Our design team at Compton Grinders focused on increasing overall productivity. Given the size and weight of our Mega grinder, we decided to replace the threads with powerful magnets instead. It makes it easier to handle its 3 chambers. This allows you to simply lift each plate without unscrewing any threads, and it also makes it easier to store and put together!


The machine-finished handles gives the grinder an awesome industrial look. They include knobs to provide extra grip. The handles increases torque grinding power while offering comfort while twisting.

commercial weed grinder


Included is a heavy base-plate and a silicone grip mat. The base-plate magnetically connects to the Mega grinder. It secures the grinder by making it immovable and provides stability for the best grinding process possible. The non-slip silicone honeycomb grip mat combined with the heavy base-plate ensures that the Compton Mega remains fixed during the grinding process.

life's a grind plate


The dish chamber is large enough to collect up to 72 grams of ground bud! This means that it reduces constant "dumping" of herbs, as it allows you to continue grinding your buds without frequently stopping. The dish has spherical round corners so you can easily scoop your material. Perfect for dispensaries that make in-house pre-rolls.


Made entirely from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum here in Los Angeles, California, USA. It's the epitome of true American manufacturing, guaranteeing upmost premium quality. It stands up to 7"-inches in height, and 7" inches in diameter. It has an anodized finish to prevent corrosion, and it provides a strong, scratch-proof, coating to stand the test of time.

industrial weed grinder


Our Compton Mega Grinder is designed for continuous grinding, and reduces loading down-time. We created this grinder with pre-rolls in mind. Our perforations are engineered to filter out stems. Our commercial grinder will not turn your herb into dust. Instead, you'll get a fluffy consistency for the perfect slow-burn. It will preserve the plant's terpenes due to a slow grind rotation. The high torque from the handles along with a natural slow-moving twist eliminates heat-stress, preserving the plant's trichomes.

commercial weed grinder


  • LIFETIME Warranty On Cutting Blades
  • 100% Made In The USA
  • Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Machined Finished Handles
  • Life's A Grind Magnetic Base-Plate
  • Magnetic Chamber Connections
  • Built-In Loading Zones
  • Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Deep Dish Bowl Chamber
  • Razor-Sharp Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Height: 7" Inches
  • Width: 7" Inches Diameter
  • Carrying Case (Optional)