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Compton Zong

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Compton Zong

Behold the power of triple diffusion. Our Compton Zong is the ultimate smoking machine featuring 3 reinforced UFO percs, and showcasing an eye-catching zig-zag shaped neck. Measuring over 2 feet tall, it's guaranteed to intensify smoking sessions between communal gatherings or solo sessions!


Look no further than the Compton Zong for the smoothest, coolest, smoking experience. Our Zong has 4 water chambers to maximize filtration and diffusion. First, smoke travels into the base chamber and gets diffused through its 6-slit downstem. Then, the smoke gets more diffused through 3 reinforced UFO percolators. Resulting in a much cleaner and less harsh smoke.


The admirable and distinguishable zig-zag Zong design is popular among many glass collectors. Perhaps it's because of the attractive OG design, or because it's easy to hold and pass around during sessions with friends. Maybe for it's powerful system due to its elongated smoke chamber. The reasons why smokers love the Zong are endless, but one thing is for sure – it's a timeless bong that's been around for decades.


Our Zong flexes a broad 50mm wide tube diameter. The 50mm tube provides more surface space for water filtration and smoke retention. This means you'll get a more filtered hit, and it can hold extra smoke in its chamber for those large rips that you enjoy.


Our glass bongs are manufactured
in the United States of America. This guarantees great quality control all due to our glass workshops being held to the highest standards. Each of our glass bongs are stamped with a "Made in the USA" seal upon production.


Our Compton Zong Bong is made from 5mm thick American glass. American made glass is known for precision welds and strong joints. Our line of glass bongs are durable and are great for everyday use.