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Compton Kickback Beaker Bong w/ 2 Piece Grinder

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$165.00 - $185.00
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Color: Red
Size: 12” Inch

Compton Kickback Beaker Bong w/ 2 Piece Grinder

kickback compton grinders

Our famous Compton Kickback is among our most popular glass bong for its style and practicality. Our Kickback beaker bong provides a stylish look with its bent-neck design. Its base contains a magnetically held
2-Piece Puck grinder, offering
the perfect 2-In-1 setup.


The Kickback features a curved neck that angles the mouthpiece back towards the mouth. It offers comfort by not requiring you to look straight down to use your tube. It also gives a stylish appearance that is typical from our line of Compton Glass products!


Our Compton Kickback beaker bong includes a built-in magnetically held Compton Puck 2-Piece Grinder on its base. This allows for a convenient way
to ensure that your bowls are packed with an even ground herb consistency.

american glass bongAMERICAN MADE

Our glass bongs are manufactured
in the United States of America. This guarantees great quality control all due to our glass workshops being held to the highest standards. Each of our glass bongs are stamped with a "Made in the USA" seal upon production.


bent neck bong

Our Compton Kickback Beaker Bong is made from 5mm thick American glass. American made glass is known for precision welds and strong joints. Our line of glass bongs are durable and are great for everyday use.


The Compton Kickback beaker bong flexes a broad 50mm tube. Its wide tubing diameter is capable of
holding an ample amount of smoke and water. It's great for creating large smoke clouds. It also fits more water for extra filtration.


comptom grinders

Have your bowls packed with a fluffy herb consistency every time. Our Compton Kickback Beaker Bong comes equipped with a magnetically built-in 2-Piece Puck grinder attached. This allows you to conveniently carry your Puck grinder wherever your bong goes. Improve your efficiency by reducing time spent breaking down your herbs and it'll guarantee a nice grind each time. 


  • Height: 12" Inches & 18" Inches 
  • Base Diameter: 5" Inches Wide
  • Tube Diameter: 50mm
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Joint: 18mm
  • Stem: Removable 18mm/14mm 6-Slit Downstem
  • Bowl: 14mm Ground Glass Slide
  • Puck: 2.5" Inch 2-Piece Grinder


  1. Our Kickback water pipe is made from 5mm thick American Glass here in the United States, ensuring excellent build and quality.
  2. A spacious 5" Inch wide base paired with a broad 50mm tube diameter allows for a bigger chamber. Perfect for those smokers who love large bong rips.
  3. The bent neck on this bong offers comfortability. It's the ideal water pipe for your desk or table!
  4. The base of the beaker contains an embedded magnet compatible with our aircraft grade Puck grinder which comes included. Enjoy your bowls with finely shredded herb with its razor-sharp teeth.

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