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Compton Chamber 3 Piece Grinder

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Compton Chamber 3 Piece Grinder

If you want your herbs to include all of its plant matter, then this 3-piece grinder is for you. Featuring razor-sharp blades, smooth grinding action and a deep dish chamber to collect all of your fluffy herbs.

compton grinders made in the usa


Our herbal grinders are made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum. We use the same metal that's commonly used in the aerospace industry. A few key properties of aircraft-grade aluminum is that it's lightweight, heavy-duty, and it is resistant to corrosion.


Our ultra-sharp diamond cutting blades are engineered to effortlessly crush the stickiest nugs out there. This grinder works great if you're in a hurry or if you have trouble twisting. Seamlessly crush through your favorite strains with ease using the Compton Classic 3-Piece herb grinder. The cutting blades are covered with lifetime-warranty against damage.

compton grinders 3 piece herb grinder


Easily pack your nugs into the loading zone to grind the suitable amount. The loading zone is essentially a clean, empty, spot to load bud without breaking it down. This space provides a handy way to load your flower without forcefully stuffing it into the grinding chamber.

3 piece grinder


Collect up to an 1/8th of freshly ground bud in the deep dish chamber! It has rounded corners to allow you to easily scoop. This 3-piece metal grinder also works great as a storage container. It's the ultimate whole-leaf experience.


This 3-piece grinder produces an extra-fine shred without compacting the consistency. We engineered our perforations to collect herb loosely and not densely crammed like most grinders as this can cause combustion to slow down. 

3 piece grinder with storageEASY BACK & FORTH TWISTING

Efficiently grind your bud with ease using our 3-Piece grinder. The Compton Chamber utilizes a teflon o-ring that ensures the grinding process is as smooth as possible. The O-ring activates a frictionless glide while finely shredding your herbs with its razor-sharp teeth.


We reduced herb spillage by securing our grinder's lid using a rare-earth magnet called neodymium. The strong magnet holds it all together for a superior enclosure.

Our powerful magnetic lid creates a tight seal, allowing any leftover herbs to remain fresh in the chamber.

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  • Size: 50mm
  • Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Strong Neodymium Magnet Enclosure
  • Recessed Lip
  • Daisy-Cut Cutting Chamber
  • Easy Grip Body
  • Perfectly Spaced Razor Sharp Diamond Cutting Blades
  • Deep Dish Chamber
  • Built-In Loading Zone
  • Self Locating Thread Technology
  • Teflon O-Rings For Smooth Grinding
  • Lifetime Warranty On Cutting Teeth
  • 100% Made In the USA