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Compton Poker Ashtray

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Color: Black

Compton Poker Ashtray

Our Compton Ashtray was made for the productive clean smoker. It's the metal ashtray that belongs on every tabletop during smoking sessions! Complete with a removable poker tool, joint holders, and a padded base protection.

compton poker tool is made in the USA


Included is a removable aluminum poker tool. The poker tool allows you to conveniently de-bowl your combusted bowls for easy cleaning. It has a placeholder in the center of the ashtray. While in the center, you can slide your bowl-piece through the spike, and the debris will fall straight into the ashtray. This allows you to maintain cleanliness throughout. You can also use it to pack your cones or blunts tightly.

compton ashtray with poker tool


The Compton Ashtray is equipped with 4 grooves on each corner to set your cigarette down to rest in-between tokes. It also has holes on each corner, allowing your ashtray to act as a joint-holder.

compton grinders ashtray


Made from heavy-duty Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum, and beautifully anodized for a durable, scratch-resistant, coating. It's the perfect desktop ashtray with its padded table sliders. This protects your surfaces from scratches against the metal ashtray.

compton grinders ashtray